Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2258 (D. Z. Rossatto et al.)

Preparing two-atom entangled state in a cavity and probing it via
quantum non-demolition measurement

D. Z. Rossatto, C. J. Villas-Boas
We propose a probabilistic scheme to prepare a maximally entangled state between a pair of two-level atoms inside a leaking cavity, without requiring precise time-controlling of the system evolution and initial atomic state. We show that the steady state of this dissipative system is a mixture of two parts: either the atoms being in their ground state or in a maximally entangled one. Then, by applying a weak probe field on the cavity mode we are able to distinguish those states without disturbing the atomic system, i.e., performing a quantum non-demolition measurement via the cavity transmission. In this scheme, one has nonzero cavity transmission only when the atomic system is in an entangled state so that a single click in the detector is enough to ensure that the atoms are in an maximally entangled state. Our scheme relies on an interference effect as it happens in electromagnetically induced transparency phenomenon so that it works out even in the limit of decay rate of the cavity mode much stronger than the atom-field coupling.
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