Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2334 (Alexey E. Rastegin)

Notes on general SIC-POVMs    [PDF]

Alexey E. Rastegin
An unavoidable task in quantum information processing is how to obtain data about the state of an individual system by suitable measurements. From this viewpoint, informationally complete measurements are relevant in quantum state tomography, quantum cryptography, quantum cloning, and other issues. Symmetric informationally complete measurements (SIC-POVMs) form an especially important class of such measurements. We formulate some novel properties and relations for general SIC-POVMs in a finite-dimensional Hilbert space. It is known that general SIC-POVMs exist in all dimensions. For a given density matrix and any general SIC-POVM, the so-called index of coincidence of generated probability distribution is exactly calculated. Using this result, we obtain state-dependent entropic bounds for a single general SIC-POVM. Lower entropic bounds are derived in terms of the R\'{e}nyi $\alpha$-entropies for $\alpha\in[2;\infty)$ and the Tsallis $\alpha$-entropies for $\alpha\in(0;2]$. A lower bound on the min-entropy for a SIC-POVM is separately examined. For a pair of general SIC-POVMs, entropic uncertainty relations of the Maassen-Uffink type are considered.
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