Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2597 (Wayne M. Witzel et al.)

Converting a real quantum bath to an effective classical noise    [PDF]

Wayne M. Witzel, Kevin Young, Sankar Das Sarma
We present a cluster expansion method for approximating quantum spin-bath dynamics in terms of a classical Gaussian stochastic process. The cluster expansion produces the two-point correlation function of the approximate classical bath, permitting rapid evaluation of noise-mitigating quantum control strategies without resorting to computationally intensive dynamical decoupling models. Our approximation is valid for the wide class of models possessing negligible back-action and nearly-Gaussian noise. We study several instances of the central spin decoherence problem in which the central spin and randomly-located bath spins are alike and dipolarly coupled. For various pulse sequences, we compare the coherence echo decay computed explicitly quantum mechanically versus those computed using our approximate classical model, and obtain agreement in most, but not all, cases. We demonstrate the utility of these classical noise models by efficiently searching for the 4-pulse sequences that maximally mitigate decoherence in each of these cases, a computationally expensive task in the explicit quantum model.
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