Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2844 (Mark C. Kuzyk et al.)

Generating Robust Optical Entanglement in Weak Coupling Optomechanical

Mark C. Kuzyk, Steven J. van Enk, Hailin Wang
A pulsed scheme for generating robust optical entanglement via the coupling of two optical modes to a mechanical oscillator is proposed. This scheme is inspired by the S{\o}rensen-M{\o}lmer approach for entangling trapped ions in a thermal environment and is based on the use of optical driving pulses that are slightly detuned from the respective sideband resonance. We show that for certain pulse durations, the optomechanical interaction can return the mechanical oscillator to its initial state. The corresponding entanglement generation is robust against thermal mechanical noise in the weak as well as the strong coupling regimes. Significant optical entanglement can be generated in the weak coupling regime, even in the presence of a large thermal phonon occupation.
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