Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5951 (Qin Liu et al.)

A universal setup for active control of a single-photon detector    [PDF]

Qin Liu, Antía Lamas-Linares, Christian Kurtsiefer, Johannes Skaar, Vadim Makarov, Ilja Gerhardt
The influence of bright light on a single-photon detector has been described in a number of recent publications. The impact, especially on quantum key distribution (QKD), is important, and a number of hacking experiments have been tailored to achieve a full control of single-photon detectors in a QKD setup. Special attention has been given to avoid introducing further errors into a QKD system. Here we describe the design and technical details of an apparatus that allows to attack a quantum-cryptographic connection. The described apparatus is capable of controlling free-space and fiber-based systems and minimize the amount of unwanted clicks in the system. With different control diagrams, we are able to achieve a different level of control. We further outline how the quality of active control of single-photon detectors can be characterized.
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