Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6152 (Daniel Valente et al.)

Frequency cavity pulling induced by a single semiconductor quantum dot    [PDF]

Daniel Valente, Jan Suffczyński, Tomasz Jakubczyk, Adrien Dousse, Aristide Lemaître, Isabelle Sagnes, Loïc Lanco, Paul Voisin, Alexia Auffeves, Pascale Senellart
We investigate the emission properties of a single semiconductor quantum dot deterministically coupled to a confined optical mode in the weak coupling regime. A strong pulling, broadening and narrowing of the cavity mode emission is evidenced when changing the spectral detuning between the emitter and the cavity. These features are theoretically accounted for by considering the phonon assisted emission of the quantum dot transition. These observations highlight a new situation for cavity quantum electrodynamics involving spectrally broad emitters.
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