Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6229 (Salman Khan et al.)

Noisy Relativistic Quantum Games in Noninertial Frames    [PDF]

Salman Khan, M. Khalid Khan
The influence of noise and of Unruh effect on quantum Prisoners' dilemma is investigated both for entangled and unentangled initial states. The noise is incorporated through amplitude damping channel. For unentangled initial state, the decoherence compensates for the adverse effect of acceleration of the frame and the effect of acceleration becomes irrelevant provided the game is fully decohered. It is shown that the inertial player always out scores the noninertial player by choosing defection. For maximally entangled initially state, we show that for fully decohered case every strategy profile results in either of the two possible equilibrium outcomes. Two of the four possible strategy profiles become Pareto Optimal and Nash equilibrium and no dilemma is leftover. It is shown that other equilibrium points emerge for different region of values of decoherence parameter that are either Pareto optimal or Pareto inefficient in the quantum strategic spaces. It is shown that the Eisert et al miracle move is a special move that leads always to distinguishable results compare to other moves. We show that the dilemma like situation is resolved in favor of one player or the other.
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