Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6474 (S. Carretta et al.)

Quantum-Information Processing with Hybrid Spin-Photon Qubit Encoding    [PDF]

S. Carretta, A. Chiesa, F. Troiani, D. Gerace, G. Amoretti, P. Santini
We introduce a scheme to perform quantum-information processing that is based on a hybrid spin-photon qubit encoding. The proposed qubits consist of spin-ensembles coherently coupled to microwave photons in coplanar waveguide resonators. The quantum gates are performed solely by shifting the resonance frequencies of the resonators on a ns timescale. An additional cavity containing a Cooper-pair box is exploited as an auxiliary degree of freedom to implement two-qubit gates. The generality of the scheme allows its potential implementation with a wide class of spin systems.
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