Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4284 (A. Bassi et al.)

Uniqueness of the equation for state-vector collapse    [PDF]

A. Bassi, D. Duerr, G. Hinrichs
The linearity of quantum mechanics leads, under the assumption that the wave function offers a complete description of reality, to grotesque situations famously known as Schroedinger's cat. Ways out are either adding elements of reality or replacing the linear evolution by a nonlinear one. Models of spontaneous wave function collapses took the latter path. The way such models are constructed leaves the question, whether such models are in some sense unique, i.e. whether the nonlinear equations replacing Schroedinger's equation, are uniquely determined as collapse equations. First Adler, and more recently Weinberg, worked on identifying the class of nonlinear modifications of the Schroedinger equation, compatible with general physical requirements. Here we argue that such considerations lead in fact to the usual collapse models.
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