Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.4369 (Álvaro Gómez-León et al.)

Floquet-Bloch theory and topology in periodically driven lattices    [PDF]

Álvaro Gómez-León, Gloria Platero
We propose a general framework to solve tight binding models in D dimensional lattices driven by ac electric fields. Our method is valid for arbitrary driving regimes and allows to obtain effective Hamiltonians for different external fields configurations. We establish an equivalence with time independent lattices in D+1 dimensions, and analyze their topological properties. Further, we demonstrate that non-adiabaticity drives a transition from topological invariants defined in D+1 to D dimensions. Our approach provides a theoretical framework to analyze ac driven systems, with potential applications in topological states of matter, and non-adiabatic topological quantum computation, predicting novel outcomes for future experiments.
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