Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4132 (Shailesh Kumar et al.)

Coupling of a Single Quantum Emitter to End-to-end Aligned Silver

Shailesh Kumar, Alexander Huck, Yuntian Chen, Ulrik L. Andersen
We report on the observation of coupling a single nitrogen vacancy (NV) center in a nanodiamond crystal to a propagating plasmonic mode of silver nanowires. The nanocrystal is placed either near to the apex of a single silver nanowire or in the gap between two end-to-end aligned silver nanowires. We observe an enhancement of the NV-centers' decay rate in both cases as a result of the coupling to the plasmons. The devices are nano-assembled with a scanning probe technique. Through simulations, we show that end-to-end aligned silver nanowires can be used as a controllable splitter for emission from a dipole emitter.
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