Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4137 (W. J. Munro et al.)

Quantum communication without the necessity of quantum memories    [PDF]

W. J. Munro, A. M. Stephens, S. J. Devitt, K. A. Harrison, Kae Nemoto
Quantum physics is known to allow for completely new ways to create, manipulate and store information. Quantum communication - the ability to transmit quantum information - is a primitive necessary for any quantum internet. At its core, quantum communication generally requires the formation of entangled links between remote locations. The performance of these links is limited by the classical signaling time between such locations - necessitating the need for long lived quantum memories. Here we present the design of a communications network which neither requires the establishment of entanglement between remote locations nor the use of long-lived quantum memories. The rate at which quantum data can be transmitted along the network is only limited by the time required to perform efficient local gate operations. Our scheme thus potentially provides higher communications rates than previously thought possible.
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