Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5772 (B. G. Christensen et al.)

Detection-Loophole-Free Test of Quantum Nonlocality, and Applications    [PDF]

B. G. Christensen, K. T. McCusker, J. Altepeter, B. Calkins, T. Gerrits, A. Lita, A. Miller, L. K. Shalm, Y. Zhang, S. W. Nam, N. Brunner, C. C. W. Lim, N. Gisin, P. G. Kwiat
We present a source of entangled photons that violates a Bell inequality free of the "fair-sampling" assumption, by over 7 standard deviations. This violation is the first experiment with photons to close the detection loophole, and we demonstrate enough "efficiency" overhead to eventually perform a fully loophole-free test of local realism. The entanglement quality is verified by maximally violating additional Bell tests, testing the upper limit of quantum correlations. Finally, we use the source to generate secure private quantum random numbers at rates over 4 orders of magnitude beyond previous experiments.
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