Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5980 (I. Garcia-Mata et al.)

Quantum non-Markovian behavior at the chaos border    [PDF]

I. Garcia-Mata, Carlos Pineda, Diego A. Wisniacki
In this work we study the non-Markovian behavior of a qubit coupled to an environment in which the corresponding classical dynamics change from integrable to chaotic. We show that in the transition region, where the dynamics has both regular islands and chaotic regions, the average non-Markovian behavior is enhanced to values even larger than in the regular region. This effect can be related to the non-Markovian behavior as a function of the the initial state of the environment, where maxima are attained at the regions dividing separate areas in classical phase space, particularly at the borders between chaotic and regular regions. Moreover, we show how the measure of non-Markovian behavior gives a precise image of the classical phase portrait.
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