Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5814 (Feihu Xu et al.)

Long distance measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
with entangled photon sources

Feihu Xu, Bing Qi, Zhongfa Liao, Hoi-Kwong Lo
We present a practical method that can make quantum key distribution (QKD), for the first time, both ultra-long-distance and immune to all attacks in the detection system. This method is an important extension of the measurement-device-independent QKD (MDI-QKD) - MDI-QKD with entangled photon sources in the middle. By proposing a general model and simulating an entanglement based QKD experiment, we find that MDI-QKD with one entangled photon source in the middle can practically tolerate 77 dB combined loss (367km standard telecom fiber) in the asymptotic limit, and it can still tolerate 60 dB combined loss (286km standard telecom fiber) in the finite-key case with state-of-the-art detectors. Our general model can also be applied to other non-QKD experiments involving entangled photon sources and Bell state measurements.
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