Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5162 (Jingfu Zhang et al.)

Protected quantum computing: Interleaving gate operations with dynamical
decoupling sequences

Jingfu Zhang, Alexandre M. Souza, Frederico Dias Brandao, Dieter Suter
Implementing precise operations on quantum systems is one of the biggest challenges for building quantum devices in a noisy environment. Dynamical decoupling (DD) attenuates the destructive effect of the environmental noise, but so far it has been used primarily in the context of quantum memories. Here, we present a general scheme for combining DD with quantum logical gate operations and demonstrate its performance on the example of an electron spin qubit of a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond. We achieve process fidelities >98% for gate times that are 2 orders of magnitude longer than the unprotected dephasing time $T_{2}$.
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