Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5309 (Andreas Kronwald et al.)

Arbitrarily large steady-state bosonic squeezing via dissipation    [PDF]

Andreas Kronwald, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk
We discuss how large amounts of steady-state quantum squeezing (beyond 3 dB) of a mechanical resonator can be obtained by driving an optomechanical cavity with two control lasers with differing amplitudes. The scheme does not rely on any explicit measurement or feedback, nor does it simply involve a modulation of an optical spring constant. Instead, it uses a dissipative mechanism with the driven cavity acting as an engineered reservoir. It can equivalently be viewed as a coherent feedback process, related to the quantum non-demolition measurement of a single mechanical quadrature. We analyze how to optimize the scheme, how the squeezing scales with system parameters, and how it may be directly detected from the cavity output. Our scheme is extremely general, and could also be implemented with, e.g., superconducting circuits.
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