Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1579 (Samuel Colin et al.)

Mechanism for the suppression of quantum noise at large scales on
expanding space

Samuel Colin, Antony Valentini
We present an exactly-solvable model for the suppression of quantum noise at large scales on expanding space. The suppression arises naturally in the de Broglie-Bohm pilot-wave formulation of quantum theory, according to which the Born probability rule has a dynamical origin. For a scalar field on a radiation-dominated background we construct the exact solution for the time-evolving wave functional and study properties of the associated field trajectories. It is shown that the time evolution of a field mode on expanding space is mathematically equivalent to that of a standard harmonic oscillator with a 'retarded time' that depends on the wavelength of the mode. In the far super-Hubble regime the equivalent oscillator evolves over only one Hubble time, yielding a simple mechanism whereby relaxation to the Born rule can be suppressed on very large scales. We present numerical simulations illustrating how the expansion of space can cause a retardation of relaxation in the super-Hubble regime. Given these results it is natural to expect a suppression of quantum noise at super-Hubble wavelengths. Such suppression could have taken place in a pre-inflationary era, resulting in a large-scale power deficit in the cosmic microwave background.
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