Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1806 (K. O. Yashodamma et al.)

Purification and retrieval of entanglement via single local filtering    [PDF]

K. O. Yashodamma, P. J. Geetha, Sudha
The effect of filtering operation with respect to purification and concentration of entanglement in quantum states are discussed in this paper. It is shown, through examples, that the local action of the filtering operator on a part of the composite quantum state allows for purification of the remaining part of the state. The retrieval of entanglement in the subsystems of a noise affected state is shown to be due to the action of local filtering on the non-decohering part of the system. The varying effects of the filtering parameter, on the entanglement transfer between the subsystems, depending on the choice of the initial quantum state is illustrated.
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