Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1709 (J. Ruseckas et al.)

Transfer of orbital angular momentum of light using two component slow

J. Ruseckas, V. Kudriasov, I. A. Yu, G. Juzeliunas
We study the manipulation of slow light with an orbital angular momentum propagating in a cloud of cold atoms. Atoms are affected by four copropagating control laser beams in a double tripod configuration of the atomic energy levels involved, allowing to minimize the losses at the vortex core of the control beams. In such a situation the atomic medium is transparent for a pair of copropagating probe fields, leading to the creation of two-component (spinor) slow light. We study the interaction between the probe fields when two control beams carry optical vortices of opposite helicity. As a result, a transfer of the optical vortex takes place from the control to the probe fields without switching off and on the control beams. This feature is missing in a single tripod scheme where the optical vortex can be transferred from the control to the probe field only during either the storage or retrieval of light.
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