Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1756 (Kai-Hong Luo et al.)

Two-color narrowband photon pair source with high brightness based on
clustering in a monolithic waveguide resonator

Kai-Hong Luo, Harald Herrmann, Stephan Krapick, Raimund Ricken, Viktor Quiring, Hubertus Suche, Wolfgang Sohler, Christine Silberhorn
We report on an integrated non-degenerate narrowband photon pair source produced at 890 nm and 1320nm via type II parametric down-conversion in a periodically poled waveguide with high-reflective dielectric mirrors deposited on the waveguide end faces. The conversion spectrum consists of three clusters and only 3 to 4 longitudinal modes with about 150 MHz bandwidth in each cluster. The high conversion efficiency in the waveguide, together with the spectral clustering in the double resonator, leads to a high brightness of $3\times10^3~$pairs/(s$\cdot$mW$\cdot$MHz). The compact and rugged monolithic design makes the source a versatile device for various applications in quantum communication.
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