Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0707 (Motohisa Fukuda)

Revisiting additivity violation of quantum channels    [PDF]

Motohisa Fukuda
We prove additivity violation of minimum output entropy of quantum channels by straightforward application of \epsilon-net argument and L\'evy's lemma. The additivity conjecture was disproved initially by Hastings. Later, a proof via asymptotic geometric analysis was presented by Aubrun, Szarek and Werner, which uses Dudley's bound on Gaussian process (or Dvoretzky's theorem with Schechtman's improvement). In this paper, we develop another proof along Dvoretzky's theorem in Milman's view showing additivity violation in broader regimes than the existing proofs. Importantly, Dvoretzky's theorem works well with norms to give strong statements but these techniques can be extended to functions which have norm-like structures - positive homogeneity and triangle inequality. Then, a connection between Hastings' method and ours is also discussed. Besides, we make some comments on relations between regularized minimum output entropy and classical capacity of quantum channels.
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