Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.1122 (Biswajit Paul et al.)

Simulating GHZ Correlations Relaxing Physical Constraints    [PDF]

Biswajit Paul, Kaushiki Mukherjee, Debasis Sarkar
Violation of Bell inequality (or, Bell-type inequalities) by nonlocal correlations is justified by relaxation of at least one of the plausible physical constraints used to model such inequality. Based on this fact, in this letter we present a procedure to simulate three-qubit GHZ correlation relaxing two constraints, determinism and no signaling simultaneously. We have also derived the minimum amount of indeterminism and signaling to be introduced in a system. The corresponding number of signaling and local bits of mutual information needed to communicate are also provided and thus we are able to focus on utility of relaxation of these two constraints as useful resources.
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