Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0038 (H. Razmi et al.)

The Casimir Forces in a Single Conducting Cylindrical Cavity    [PDF]

H. Razmi, S. M. Shirazi
We want to study the Casimir effect for a single conducting microscopic cylindrical cavity. The mathematical technique is based on the Green function of the geometry of the inside of the cavity, and the integral regularization is based on the plasma frequency cutoff for real conductors. Using the symmetric electromagnetic energy-momentum tensor, in terms of four potential, the total Casimir energy for the inside of the Cavity is calculated. Considering the fundamental cutoff applied by the uncertainty relations' limit on virtual particles' frequency in the quantum vacuum, it is shown that the contribution of the external (outside of the cavity) Casimir energy is negligible. Finally, the forces experienced by the lateral surface of the cavity and its circular bases are calculated. The resulting expressions show that these forces are repulsive. The numerical computation is done for the real problem of a cavity with a basis of a radius in the same order of its height at the scale of 100 nanometers made of the best conducting materials already known.
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