Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0238 (A. Nicolas et al.)

A quantum memory for orbital angular momentum photonic qubits    [PDF]

A. Nicolas, L. Veissier, L. Giner, E. Giacobino, D. Maxein, J. Laurat
Among the optical degrees of freedom, the orbital angular momentum of light provides unique properties, including mechanical torque action with applications for light manipulation, enhanced sensitivity in imaging techniques and potential high-density information coding for optical communication systems. Recent years have also seen a tremendous interest in exploiting orbital angular momentum at the single-photon level in quantum information technologies. In this endeavor, here we demonstrate the implementation of a quantum memory for quantum bits encoded in this optical degree of freedom. We generate various qubits with computer-controlled holograms, store and retrieve them on demand. We further analyse the retrieved states by quantum tomography and thereby demonstrate fidelities exceeding the classical benchmark, confirming the quantum functioning of our storage process. Our results provide an essential capability for future networks exploring the promises of orbital angular momentum of photons for quantum information applications.
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