Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0043 (Andres A. Reynoso et al.)

Complex-band-structure eigenvalue method adapted to Floquet systems:\\
topological superconducting wires as a case study

Andres A. Reynoso, Diego Frustaglia
For systems consisting of an infinite succession of interconnected layers described by the same local Hamiltonian the eigenvalue method (also known as the Ando method) is a single-particle calculation scheme to obtain the complex band structure; i.e., both the propagating and the evanescent eigenstates as function of the energy. The method can be applied to superlattices, i.e., systems in which the spatial periodicity involves more than one single layer. Here, we present an adapted version of the superlattice scheme which is useful for obtaining the Floquet quasienergy spectrum of time-dependent systems subject to a periodic driving. The method is well suited for strong (multiphoton) and anharmonic drivings. In order to illustrate the capabilities of the eigenvalue method for both time-independent and time-dependent systems we discuss the cases of (a) topological superconductors in multimode quantum wires with spin-orbit interaction and (b) microwave driven quantum dot in contact with a topological superconductor.
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