Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0242 (Daniel Stanek et al.)

Dynamics and decoherence in the central spin model in the low-field

Daniel Stanek, Carsten Raas, Götz S. Uhrig
We present a combination of analytic calculations and a powerful numerical method for large spin baths in the low-field limit. The hyperfine interaction between the central spin and the bath is fully captured by the density matrix renormalization group. The adoption of the density matrix renormalization group for the central spin model is presented and a proper method for calculating the real-time evolution at infinite temperature is identified. In addition, we study to which extent a semiclassical model, where a quantum spin-1/2 interacts with a bath of classical Gaussian fluctuations, can capture the physics of the central spin model. The model is treated by average Hamiltonian theory and by numerical simulation.
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