Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0131 (Zhao-Yu Sun et al.)

Violation of Bell inequality in perfect translation invariant systems    [PDF]

Zhao-Yu Sun, Yu-Ying Wu, Hai-Lin Huang, Bo-Jun Chen, Bo Wang
Bell inequalities and nonlocality have been widely studied in one-dimensional quantum systems. As a kind of quantum correlation, it is expected that bipartite nonlocaity should be present in quantum systems, just as bipartite entanglement does. Surprisingly, for various models, two-qubit states do not violate Bell inequalities, i.e., they are local. Recently, it is realized that the results are related to the monogamy trade-off obeyed by bipartite Bell correlations, thus it is believed that for general translation invariant systems, two-qubit states should not violate the Bell inequality(Oliveira, EPL 100, 60004 (2012)). In this report, we will demonstrate that in perfect translation invariant systems, the Bell inequality can be violated. A nontrivial model is constructed to confirm the conclusion.
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